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Single community Heidelberg
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Heidelberg Youth Hostel was the location for Deb Conf15 and the Debian people loved it. If I'm honest, you will not likely find me in the "hard" sprints.

At the other Drupalcons I have attended (Munich and Barcelona) the Friday was always the highlight. In 2014 I went to the Dev Days in Szeged, and it was the same feeling but for a whole week!

So that's what we are aiming for with the Community part of DBCD16. We are helped by the fact that the location is so good - we have accommodation and food on-site.

All new 18 residences are ‘six star’ rated including their solar hot water services which should reduce utilities bills.

The Perth Street redevelopment is part of the Olympia Housing Initiative to revitalise Heidelberg West, Heidelberg Heights and Bellfield.

It seems so strange writing this, but I felt a kind of "high" knowing that my changes would go into Drupal and then be on millions of computers some day.

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